Healing the Underlying Factors of Drug
Abuse and Addiction to Alcohol

The objective of our PA rehab center is to promote healing at the deepest level for those with an addiction to alcohol & drugs.

We believe that addiction is a disease and, like any disease, there are a variety of contributing factors. Our focus is to take a proactive position with tools that help set people free from addiction to alcohol & drugs. Our program at St. Joseph Institute includes important components to address the underlying factors that contribute to addiction by providing a holistic approach with an emphasis on mental health counseling, psycho-education, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, spiritual direction, bodywork, natural methods of detoxification, meditation and yoga, as well as offering support in developing a true sense of self and an ability to implement critical life skills.

This approach will help the participants in our program recover from addiction to alcohol & drugs by addressing the underlying factors that influence addictive behavior, and teaching them to manage life stresses in healthy ways.

Some of the ways in which our residents will be helped include:

  • We strive to understand the underlying factors of drug abuse and addiction to alcoholCorrecting dysfunctional behavioral patterns
  • Reframing irrational beliefs and distorted thinking patterns
  • Easing the burden of emotional pain and trauma
  • Resolving longstanding physical pain
  • Correcting nutritional deficiencies
  • Reducing cravings
  • Healing from a history of addiction to alcohol & drugs
  • Discovering a true self and a life purpose
  • Cultivating important life skills: healthy intimacy, communication, decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Developing a relationship with God and cultivating a spiritual aspect
  • Healing broken relationships or helping people move beyond their wounds
  • Reducing the impact of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues


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