We are accepting new admissions but have implemented additional pre-screening procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone at St. Joseph Institute. **At this time, all family visitation has been suspended until further notice.**

St. Joseph Institute is closely monitoring all coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and is following suggested best practices from the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. For more information, please click here.


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Yoga and Meditation

By |2018-10-23T16:54:24-04:00October 24th, 2016|Aftercare, Holistic Treatment, Practicing Recovery|

Each resident at St. Joseph will have a treatment schedule that can include fitness, yoga and meditation. Yoga offers amazing physical benefits--from increasing flexibility to building muscle tone--but more importantly, those who practice yoga and meditation learn how to manage stress and deal with negative emotions. Yoga sessions at St. Joseph are integrated with a [...]

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Nutrition As Part of Recovery

By |2018-10-24T11:20:56-04:00October 20th, 2016|Miscellaneous|

Many factors contribute to lasting recovery from addiction. St Joseph is dedicated to helping our residents improve their overall health and wellness,and that includes physical well-being. You may be surprised to learn that other aspects of a healthy lifestyle—such as good nutrition and exercise—can be powerful tools in the fight to overcome addiction. Both scientific [...]

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Allowing Change by Allowing Room for Not Knowing

By |2019-09-11T17:28:59-04:00April 6th, 2016|Miscellaneous|

How do you react to change? Do you seek it, always hoping for something new and exciting? Do you dread it, structuring your life to avoid or delay it? Do you deny it altogether? We all know that change is a condition of life. Without change, nothing would renew. But change can feel like death; [...]

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St. Joseph Institute merges with Summit Behavioral Healthcare

By |2019-09-11T17:29:40-04:00March 3rd, 2016|Miscellaneous|

A trip down the aisle – finally St. Joseph Institute merges with Summit Behavioral Healthcare Addiction treatment in Pennsylvania and across the country has been characterized by an aggressive Pac-Man game for almost a decade. Independent facilities have disappeared into ever larger groups and public companies, often sacrificing their ideals to the force of big [...]

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The Five P’s of Successful Recovery

By |2019-09-11T17:34:51-04:00January 19th, 2016|Aftercare, Practicing Recovery, Relapse|

It’s important that we understand recovery from drug and alcohol addiction as a complex and challenging journey, one that takes dedication and time.  For many people who struggle with addiction or who love someone who struggles with addiction, the promise of a month spent in concentrated, residential rehabilitation seems like adequate treatment.  And yet, when [...]

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On Christmas Day

By |2018-10-23T17:28:56-04:00December 25th, 2015|Holiday, Spiritual Reflections|

Christmas Morning Christmas Traditions make the holiday special. Christmas morning is when we gather in the Great Room at Bald Eagle Hospitality House to share Christmas traditions, while our residents enjoy sipping hot chocolate. Every family has their own traditions that make Christmas a special time for them. This is when we gather to reminisce [...]

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Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols

By |2018-10-23T17:30:33-04:00December 24th, 2015|Holiday, Spiritual Reflections|

On Christmas Eve we have a Chapel service of “Lessons and Carols” to celebrate in word and song the events from the Bible that lead up to Christmas. Every day during Advent we practice singing a Christmas carol to prepare residents to participate in the carol singing on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Eve service is [...]

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The Long Road

By |2020-02-11T17:21:33-05:00December 7th, 2015|Aftercare, Miscellaneous, Relapse|

The Long Road Recovery requires hard work and tough choices. To truly recover from addiction is a process, one that requires deeper and more lasting changes than simply acknowledging the errors of a life controlled by alcohol or drugs.  The process of real recovery involves more than an apology for hurtful behaviors and faulty judgment, [...]

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‘It took all my morals’: Heroin addict looks back on hellish existence

By |2019-09-11T17:34:21-04:00September 17th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

St. Joseph Institute Alumnus Drew Reed is featured in The Harrisburg Patriot article highlighting the ongoing painkiller-heroin addiction crisis in the state of Pennsylvania and beyond, the challenges facing addicts for decent and affordable treatment options and the individual triumph of one tenacious young man.

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Searching for Shortcuts: When Addiction Treatment Fails

By |2019-09-11T16:57:02-04:00May 27th, 2015|Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Relapse, The Path of Addiction Recovery|

It is part of our culture, our daily practices, perhaps even our DNA: the desire to do things faster, easier, and with minimal sacrifice. Let’s face it. We want shortcuts. While finding a quicker route to the grocery store can help us save time and even gas money, when we try to take shortcuts to self-improvement, we often [...]

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