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Masculinity, Trauma, and Addiction: Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Masculinity to Get Men the Help They Need

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The gender-based differences in addiction are hard to ignore. According the National Institute on Drug Abuse: Men have higher rates of binge drinking and alcohol abuse in most age groups. Men more likely to use almost all types of illicit drugs—including both illegal street drugs and misused prescription drugs. Men are more likely to need [...]

Using Self-Help Books to Support Your Addiction Recovery

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There are thousands of self-help books promising to teach readers the secret to leading a better life, including many dealing with addiction recovery. Although you can't cure drug or alcohol addiction simply by reading a book, self-help books can increase your understanding of addiction and help you figure out ways to handle cravings, codependent family [...]

Kurt Angle, Greatest Wrestler of All Time and St. Joseph Institute for Addiction Alumnus

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St. Joseph Institute would like to share a recent interview by Kurt Angle, alumnus of our inpatient program. During this candid conversation with ESPN Radio, Kurt reveals the extent of his addiction, as well as the pains and triumphs of finally achieving sobriety, noting St. Joseph Institute as the rehab facility that saved his life and [...]

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Recommended Reading: Comfort Food

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Recommended Reading: Comfort Food: No One Brings Dinner When Your Daughter is an Addict By Larry M. Lake, Slate, November 8, 2013 Do you have a son or daughter who struggles with addiction? Do you feel free to talk about your child’s addiction and its effects on your family with your friends and neighbors? More [...]

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