Substance Abuse Treatments using Bodywork & Special Therapies

The Power of Bodywork2018-11-02T10:38:21+00:00

The objective of our substance abuse treatments is to use the most effective tools to help residents achieve optimum wellness and restore resilience and resourcefulness that enhance body-functioning and well-being. Bodywork facilitates healing and growth because it allows the therapist and client to identify and release significant issues that are held within the tissue of the body, revealing unconscious or long-forgotten memories that are interfering with current thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Substance abuse treatments are much more efficient when these memories are brought to the surface.

Bodywork therapy at St. Joseph Institute for Addiction

Bodywork is an umbrella term that includes many types of hands-on, special therapies focused on re-aligning the structure of the body and facilitating energy flow. It employs the power of human touch to heal and restore the body. Many dysfunctional conditions are relieved or completely healed through various types of massage and specialized treatments such as Essential Acupressure, Neurofascial Release and Structural Alignment.

At St. Joseph Institute, our mental health staff include fully trained counselors, as well as bodyworkers who are trained to identify and process issues. Full recovery from mental health issues requires bodywork to accomplish two important objectives: (1) to release unhealthy patterns that keep us bound to old behaviors, and (2) to reveal sources of strength and growth that can help us realize our full potential.