“The campus was amazing. The elegant buildings, comfortable furniture and beautiful grounds make St. Joseph Institute feel like a luxury rehab facility. When you add in the terrific program, I can understand why it is described as the best drug rehab in PA.” -James

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Until 2003, 207 acres of the Institute had been a quiet forest for nearly a century. The property’s only settlers moved away in 1917, leaving behind a few stone walls and the grounds of what would become St. Joseph Institute, a 53-bed residential treatment center that would become one of the top executive rehab in the Northeast. To preserve the natural beauty, the log and stone buildings were designed to blend in with the Pennsylvania mountainside, creating a breathtaking environment.

The Institute’s amenities make residents feel like they are in an exclusive, executive rehab with the relaxed atmosphere of a resort. The Wellness Center has a spacious atrium with skylights and special features, such as a computerized massage bed, Jacuzzi, saunas, and a pool. The great room of the Hospitality House, with a massive fireplace, has a ceiling that peaks at an incredible 38 feet. Construction was to the highest standard, ranking St. Joseph Institute as the best drug rehabilitation treatment center in the region. Our outdoor recreation program includes basketball and tennis courts.

“I expected white walls and hospital food. It was a pleasant shock to find myself in an executive rehab facility, with the amenities of a top hotel.” -Liz

The executive rehab campus, with eight buildings, miles of walking trails, an outdoor amphitheater, a recovery garden, and recreation areas, provides a peaceful, healing environment. The Institute welcomes people from many backgrounds and of varying ages, and the staff is focused on one outcome: that our residents succeed in recovery after leaving the Institute. We are only satisfied when we know the majority of our graduates are living drug and alcohol free.