printer friendly iconThe Clinical Team at St. Joseph Institute reviews each application for admission, ensuring that the individual is a good candidate for our program and the services we offer.

Primary Admission Criteria

  1. Internal motivation to seek treatment for their addiction and enter into recovery – more than a legal mandate or pressure from others.
  2. No mental health issues that might represent a concern for the safety of themselves or the other residents.
  3. No behavioral health concerns that are best addressed/treated in a psychiatric facility with close supervision.
  4. No requirement for a specialized program for conditions such as sex addiction or a severe eating disorder.
  5. Resident must be ambulatory with no medical conditions that require the constant physician care found in a hospital setting.

The Admission Process

The admission process moves quickly and often results in same-day arrival for treatment:

  1. The Institute will confirm an individual’s health insurance benefits and provide the best possible estimate of costs.
  2. A telephone interview with an admissions counselor will obtain the information the Clinical Team needs to conduct their review and provide approval for admission. (Hospitals may fax medical records.)
  3. The time for arrival is established and preparations made to welcome the new resident.

Financial Details

  • Most commercial insurances accepted.
  • Staff dedicated to maximizing insurance benefits.
  • Financing plans can be arranged.
  • Staff will assist with employer notification, arranging FMLA leave and short term disability.
  • When available, the Institute will use PA Act 106 to ensure the availability of insurance benefits.