St. Joseph Institute is continually developing materials to help the families of individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some of these resources describe how to treat alcoholism and drug addiction, and how important it is to find a good rehab center in the journey to lasting recovery. Others focus on important aspects of addiction recovery.

Help for Families & Addicts

adobe pdf download buttonIt is important to know how to support someone who has an addiction without enabling their poor choices.

adobe pdf download buttonUnderstanding Motivation is a critical component of effective addiction treatment.

adobe pdf download buttonA full explanation of How Insurance Works and what you need to know before entering treatment.

adobe pdf download buttonProtecting your confidentiality & employment often causes addicted persons to avoid coming to rehab, but we can help.

adobe pdf download button8 Keys to Overcoming Addiction including the CAGE test to evaluate whether or not your loved one is an addict.


You may wish to download the following brochure that summarizes the St. Joseph Institute programs for Detox and Alcohol & Drug Rehab in PA.

St. Joseph Institute BrochureSt. Joseph Institute Brochure

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Recovery Support

Al Anon is a worldwide organization helping friends and families of alcoholics and addicts.

Alcoholics Anonymous is committed to helping alcoholics maintain their sobriety and rebuild their lives.  Meetings can be found wherever you are.

Narcotics Anonymous serves those who have been addicted to drugs and want to live a life that is drug free.