The objective of our residential treatment center is to introduce residents to the benefits of participating in 12-Step programs for alcohol & drug abuse support such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Twelve-step programs have long been an important source of alcohol & drug abuse support and have helped millions of people maintain their sobriety. These programs provide simple “tools for living” based on a set of principles and a reliance on the fellowship generated by people who share the same experiences.

Twelve-step groups assume an active role in the process of recovery and, in so doing, address three dimensions of the human person: physical, mental and spiritual. The process begins in the first step as participants identify themselves as an alcoholic or an addict. The ultimate goal in completing the 12-Steps is to replace a self-centered mentality with key elements for a successful recovery.

Residents at St. Joseph Institute  will learn the benefits of “working the steps” and attend both AA and NA meetings for alcohol & drug abuse support.  In this way they will be able to determine the role that this program should assume in their personal recovery plan.

Great room at St. Joseph Institute for Addiction in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

Key Elements of 12-Step Programs:

  • Mutual help and mutual support are available to assist people in meeting common goals and preventing relapse.
  • There is security in knowing that alcohol & drug abuse support is available everywhere and anytime people feel temptation.
  • Those who attend meetings will get help in learning to accept personal responsibility – a lesson that can be difficult.
  • Fellowship is an essential part of the program function.