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8 Keys to Overcoming Addiction: #1 is to Accept that Addiction is a Disease

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For generations addiction was understood to be a lack of willpower.  People with this mindset believed that the addicted person chose to make bad decisions and act selfishly.  People thought recovery could be accomplished by forcing addicts to take responsibility for their actions and say “no” to their urges to drink/use. In recent decades, science [...]

Addiction and the Holidays

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Addicts and alcoholics often describe their addiction as cunning, baffling and powerful.  It has the ability to destroy their careers, financial savings, relationships, hopes and dreams.  During the holidays it is particularly brutal, ready to bring potentially disastrous consequences into the lives of millions. For the part of the brain that controls addiction, the holidays [...]

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How do I tell my employer I’m an addict?

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For some people the main obstacle keeping them from entering addiction rehab is their job.  How do they tell their boss? What do they say to co-workers?  Will they be fired? Fortunately the answers are often easier than they think.  At St. Joseph Institute, we take care of most communication with the employer. For those [...]

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