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Graduate Spotlight: Kris Credits SJI with Getting Him on the Path to Recovery

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My name is Kris and I am an alcoholic. I started drinking on a daily basis 22 years ago. At the time, I used alcohol as a crutch to get over a difficult event in my life. What that event was is not important. What IS important is that I continued to drink even after [...]

An Interview with Emily Benjamin, Alumni Coordinator & PRN Counselor

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Meet St. Joseph Institute’s Alumni/Aftercare Coordinator and PRN Counselor, Emily Benjamin. An alumna of St. Joseph Institute (SJI) and a self-professed nerd, Emily brings joy and enthusiasm to her work. Her passion comes in large part from her own experience as a recovering addict and the thrill she finds in being able to live life [...]

Kurt Angle, Greatest Wrestler of All Time and St. Joseph Institute for Addiction Alumnus

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St. Joseph Institute would like to share a recent interview by Kurt Angle, alumnus of our inpatient program. During this candid conversation with ESPN Radio, Kurt reveals the extent of his addiction, as well as the pains and triumphs of finally achieving sobriety, noting St. Joseph Institute as the rehab facility that saved his life and [...]

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“People in Recovery Are the Best!”

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I will never forget the little speech that Sara gave at St. Joseph Institute during an evening discussion on relapse prevention.  With strong emotions, she argued that the best people she knew were in recovery.  The group chucked when she concluded by stating that everyone in the world should be required to go to rehab [...]

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