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Is there room at the Inn?

By |2018-10-23T19:22:37-04:00September 25th, 2013|The Path of Addiction Recovery|

People often ask us “what does faith-based mean?”  “Does it mean that you will be preaching at me?”  “Will I be welcome if I don’t participate in organized religion?” “Can you help me re-connect with my faith?” These are important questions.  In a world where all-to-often we see people seeking to impose their beliefs on [...]

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Station 1: Addicts face Abandonment & Rejection

By |2019-09-11T17:38:22-04:00April 3rd, 2013|Spiritual Reflections|

In the next several blogs we'll discuss connections between the Stations of the Cross and the stages of addiction. The first Station is about Jesus' condemnation to death; just like many addicts, He felt a sense of abandonment and rejection. Many people have life experiences which cause them to feel abandoned or rejected. These feelings [...]

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Stations of the Cross for Addiction Recovery

By |2019-09-11T17:38:56-04:00March 20th, 2013|Spiritual Reflections|

The Stations of the Cross is a prayer that facilitates union with God through the passion of Christ. Traditionally, it is a devotion practiced largely by Catholics, particularly on Fridays during the season of Lent. Over the years we’ve come to appreciate this devotion as being far more than a simple recitation of prayers. In [...]

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