For decades addiction treatment has followed a common path; using 12 Step groups and regular meetings for addicts and alcoholics. However, the rapidly expanding knowledge of addiction and the workings of the human mind is leading to new approaches that are proving valuable in treating this chronic disease. While most treatment centers treat only the addiction directly, St. Joseph Institute believes it is just as important to target the underlying issues. We do so through these 5 approaches:

Good nutrition is essential to addiction recovery

    1. A stronger focus on treating the mental health issues (co-occurring conditions) that often cause the addiction, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, emotional dependency and abuse.
    2. Nutritional therapy to help the brain achieve a better chemical balance.
    3. Stress reduction techniques to improve an individual’s ability to manage life’s challenges.
    4. Better pain management to lessen the need for dangerous drugs.
    5. New technological techniques to help the recovering addict maintain sobriety.